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Computer Repair in Calgary

computer repair calgaryFinding the right help when it comes to computer repair Calgary region can be difficult. You need a professional who really knows not only the computers that is sitting on your desktops, but someone who can take care of all of your digital needs.

This includes your network, servers, telephones, photocopiers and Internet web site design needs.

We are here to help you take the headaches out of your office technology. With over 14 years of experience, you can be rest assured that we’ve seen just about every possible problem and more importantly, fix it quickly for you.

If you need some advice about your computer systems or are looking for a professional representative to ‘just take care of it’, you can call us on our business number, 403-775-9041. Computer repair Calgary professionals.

Services Performed for You

Virus Removal

There’s a lot of bad information in the form of virus’ that can seriously damage your computer. Stop fooling with programs that don’t work and get your computer working 100% today! Most full computer virus removals cost no more then $157. Plus we will leave the latest high performing software to keep the virus’ away.

Hard Drive Diagnostics

The number one component that will fail in your computer systems is the hard drive. It is a moving part that does wear rapidly. We can either replace your hard drive to a new drive or set you up to backup your system easily. Call us for more information.

Server Care and Feeding

With over 14 years experience with Linux and Microsoft Windows server systems, there’s little that we cannot do for you. Find affordable solutions for your business by calling us today. We are true computer professionals with professional designations. (MCSE, MCT, MCP)

System Replacement and Upgrades

Get your systems upgraded at a fair price with great business grade equipment. We can re-install your software on a new system and move the associated data simply and easily.

Systems Automation

More and more of our clients are looking for automation solutions for applications on their computers as well as on the web. Do you check the same sites every day for your business? Find out how much time you can save with automation today.